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Great Hair Starts with a Healthy Scalp

Taking care of your scalp is the basis of every hair care routine.

And the scalp needs as much TLC as the skin. It requires cleansing, regular exfoliation and moisture to grow beautiful and strong hair.

Meet the new Keune Care Derma Peeling; your new favourite gentle exfoliator to renew your scalp. Suitable for all hair and skin types.

A single-use and salon-exclusive product which consists of a carefully selected blend of:

  • Natural perlite micro-grains that stimulate cell renewal by reducing the thickness of the top layer of skin cells.

  • Incorporated Glycolic Acid is the holy grail for exfoliation. This smallest-sized alpha hydroxy acid can penetrate the skin acting also on dermal levels, to loosen dead skin cells.

  • The formula is infused with Arginine which is known for its excellent skin conditioning and moisturising properties and can help to promote hair growth.

The results:

  • Scalp feels more purified and cleansed

  • Scalp feels moisturised and refreshed

  • Regenerates and revitalises

How to Use Keune Care Derma Peeling

  1. Apply and massage into the scalp. Make circular movements with your fingertips, from the contour to the temples.

  2. Place two thumbs on the contour line of the forehead and move them in a straight line to the neck.

  3. Tilt the head gently with one hand and massage the neck section with your thumb and fingers.

  4. Rinse well, and wash with the Keune Care Shampoo that best suits the hair’s need.

  5. Nourish with the Keune Care Conditioner that best suits the hair’s need, and dry the hair.

  6. Finish by styling the hair using your client’s favourite Keune Style products.

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