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4 Ways to Create a Memorable Salon Experience That Promotes Client Retention

When a guest leaves your salon, what will they remember? What parts of their experience will make them think of you when it’s time to book again? Creating a strong client retention strategy is crucial to your business’s success and if you’re not sure where to begin, these best practices are just the guide you need.

Here are 4 client retention tips from salon software Meevo, and salon furniture & equipment providers Beauty*Star:

1. Simplify Client Communication

Offer online booking

Whether you’re securing their next appointment from the chair, or a client just remembered they’re due for a root touch-up while in line at the shops, Meevo salon software’s Online Booking is the fastest and easiest way for both you and your clients.

Set up automated confirmations

Guests (and front desk staff) love the ease of Meevo’s text notifications for appointment confirmations.

Let clients check themselves in

Displaying Meevo’s Walk-In Kiosk on a touch-screen device allows clients to effortlessly check themselves in, see current promotional offers, and add themselves to the waitlist if needed.

Use Mobile Check Out

Meevo’s Self-Pay feature lets clients pay for their services securely and safely from their own mobile devices when it’s time to check out.

2. Create A Comfortable Environment

Welcoming Reception Area

Make a lasting first impression the moment your guest walks through the doors of your salon by creating an inviting reception area. Ensure your reception area is clean and comfortable and your retail is displayed in an eye-catching way for clients to browse.

Cohesive Design, Layout and Aesthetic

The interior design of your salon serves as the visual representation of your company and heavily impacts client retention. When it comes to the look and decor of your space, hone in on an aesthetic that reflects your business’s style and the services you provide.

Salon furniture and equipment provider, Beauty*Star, offers a Salon Lookbook to help you create a comfortable environment that draws clients in and keeps them coming back. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more salon inspo!

Perfect Lighting

Lighting is another crucial aspect of client retention because it influences the ambience of the environment, which directly affects the client’s mood. Allow sunlight to flow throughout your space and create a warming environment, whether it be through large windows or propped-open doors.

3. Show Your Customer Appreciation

Don’t Skip Follow-Up Emails

Use Meevo salon software to automate your email campaigns and send guests after-visit messages that show your appreciation. Client retention continues even after the service has been provided!

These are also a great opportunity to ask guests to leave a review; The more reviews you have, the better reputation you have online, which in turns leads to more potential clients.

4. Provide Value They Can’t Resist

Offer Fun Promotions They’ll Want to Redeem

Promotions that are random pop-ups or celebrate a holiday always keep the energy fun and inviting. Offer a complimentary gift when they pre-book their next appointment or consider an enticing Buy-One-Get-One special they can’t resist.


Whether they’re browsing or booking, make sure you’re building out the ultimate experience for your customers during every visit. Repeat client retention business provides an astounding 80% of revenue for salons, so always give them a reason to come back!

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