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What is Integrated Bond Fuser?

Updated: Jan 31

Have you noticed this icon on some of our products? We'll Explain...

Blonde is such an important – and fun – part of a colorist’s craft. We all know that it’s one of the most popular color treatments. Very few people are natural blondes, and about 60% of women would really love to go blonde.

Women want to have it all – blonde hair or highlights, plus strong hair that’s silky soft. And who can blame them!

But clients worry about damage to their hair. Knowing how to actively protect their hair during a blonde service is part of our responsibility.

So we are all happy to introduce a new way to keep blonde hair strong and resilient – in just 3 steps.

The Keune Healthy Blonde Programme

With the new Keune Healthy Blonde Program, Keune’s labs have integrated Bond Fuser Technology into Ultimate Blonde Power Blonde and Cream Blonde – as well as Care Silver Savior shampoo and conditioner. We are also excited to launch 2 completely new products: After Blonde Treatment and Silver Savior Foam Treatment.

Keune not only takes hair seriously – we also think from the point of view of the colorist, finding innovative ways to make your work easier and more effective. And just like you, we put our clients first. So their beautiful blonde hair can stay blonde, and bonds can stay strong, too!

The Benefits of Integrated Bond Fuser technology

Creating strong, resilient blonde just got easier, thanks to Keune’s scientific heritage and expertise. What are the benefits of working with the new Keune Ultimate Blonde program – with integrated Bond Fuser technology?

  • Quick and easy blonde treatments, in just 3 steps

  • Shields disulfide bonds and creates new bonds while lifting*

  • Significantly reduces hair damage*

  • Long-lasting conditioning

  • Stunning shine and softness

  • The same trusted mixing consistency

* Based on instrumental testing with Power Blonde

How Does it Work?

Bond Fuser technology is a unique complex that shields existing disulfide bonds and creates new bonds, helping to protect hair’s integrity.

This natural, plant-based complex consists of L-arginine, an amino acid present in the human body - and glucose, a type of sugar. These ingredients are automatically activated during the lifting process, creating new bonds and reducing hair damage after a lifting service*. The result: strong, resilient blonde hair.

Thanks to integrated Bond Fuser, now you can achieve healthy results even faster - in just 3 easy and efficient steps.

* Based on instrumental testing with Power Blonde.


Lift & Repair

Our all-in-one lifting powders - Power Blonde and Cream Blonde - contain integrated Bond Fuser technology to lift while building and repairing bonds.* This helps protect the hair’s integrity. Just mix as usual.

*Based on instrumental testing with Power Blonde.

Power Blonde

Power Blonde is our most powerful lightener - now up to 9 levels of lift.* Use for color level 5 or darker. It’s also great for highlights and total color corrections.

*Based on competittive testing, without formula change.

Cream Blonde

Cream Blonde offers up to 7 levels of lift - and is perfect for gentle lightening, as well as highlights, total decoloration and color corrections.softness and lasting conditioning.


Nourish & Protect

After lifting, blonde hair needs special care. Introducing After Blonde Treatment - a completely new salon treatment for healthy softness and lasting conditioning.

After Blonde Treatment

After Blonde Treatment nourishing conditioner contains integrated Bond Fuser technology, creates a protective layer and helps repair the hair’s outer structure.


Maintain, Refresh & Condition

How can your clients keep their healthy cool blonde hair looking and feeling great at home? With Keune Care Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner - and the all-new Keune Care Silver Savior Foam Treatment, a leave-in conditioning mousse.

Care Silver Savior Shampoo, Conditioner and Foam Treatment

These Silver Savior products contain integrated Bond Fuser technology, and violet pigments to keep blonde hair cool by neutralizing brassiness. Provitamin B5 moisturizes and leaves hair feeling soft.


Ask an Expert - Siobhan Taylor

PROStylists Educator Siobhan Taylor, hairstylist and co-owner of Vain Salon in Chester gives us an insight to the benefits of Integrated Bond Fuser.

Q: What’s so great about Healthy Blondes and Integrated Bond Fuser Technology?

During most colour services, you’re opening the cuticle of the hair and allowing colour or persulphates to enter the hair and de-colour or deposit pigment. During this process, you are essentially creating some form of damage to the hair layers and this often causes instability in the disulphide bonds.

Disulphide bonds give our hair elasticity and strength so we need them to be strong in order for hair to be healthy! Unfortunately, even the tiniest amount of damage that may not be obvious initially can occur, and cascade, so we need to make sure that we have the right tools and products to colour hair as safely as possible and keep this to an absolute minimum!

With the Integrated Bond Fuser technology, we have the ability to shield the existing disulphide bonds in the hair and also help to create new ones.

This will mean that the hair is (1) being protected and (2) the integrity is maintained for future services! This is important because it means our blonde clients can always have healthy hair to work with meaning it ALWAYS looks good.

Q: Do you have any tips for using the Cream Blonde and Power Blonde lifting powders?

Now we have Integrated Bond Fuser technology built into the new lightener formula, we no longer need to use it as an additive to our Cream or Power lighteners.

First up, Cream Blonde is a perfect all rounder and great for on and off scalp applications. I use this mostly for all of my foiling techniques! It’s a gentle lightener and so I always think that with it being an all-round trusty lightening powder, you could use this for most blonding services if you wished to! You have the option of adding a Cool Booster to give it that extra neutralising magic for any darker levels and always keep that lightener LOW & SLOW. You don’t need to use any stronger developers for these powders. The power is in the product. It lifts beautifully and is a great consistency to apply in those foil packets!

Power Blonde is a power lifter! This one is our most powerful lightener we have with 9 levels of lift! With the new formula, 9 levels of lift AND the additional Integrated Bond Fuser in there, it’s perfect for when you’re lifting those darker levels and stubborn-hard to lift colour corrections that have a history of pesky box colour!!

The best thing about this is knowing that during that development time, the Bond Fuser technology has your back!

If you’re lifting anything that’s going from darker to lighter, especially achieving something like a platinum blonde - you may need to reapply or you may need to leave it to develop a little longer. Now, we can rest assured that we’ll be left with healthier strands after colouring than if we didn’t have the technology in that formula! Use it to your advantage!

Q: Which is your favourite and why?

Power Blonde is my ultimate favourite. I have a lot of blonde clients and so this is my go to! All my natural dark clients want to be as blonde as possible so for me, there’s no other option! Its perfect for global application on scalp and has nourishing ingredients that will protect the scalp!

Q: What’s the importance of after care?

In order for a Blonde to look good, it HAS to be healthy. There is nothing worse than seeing dehydrated hair that is lacking shine, losing tone quickly and full of breakage.

I close down every single Blonde service in-salon by using the Ultimate Blonde After Blonde Treatment with Integrated Bond Fuser. This is a professional use product for the backwash and sits side by side with our After Color Balsam. A dedicated Balsam for Blondes! With the super ingredient of Provitamin B5, it keeps the hair smooth, healthy and soft.

As a colourist, I will refuse to lighten hair further if major wear and tear damage is occurring between appointments due to them not using the appropriate after care at home. Moisture and hydration is so important and our Care line has everything they need to feed those strands the nutrition it needs! Vital Nutrition is my favourite at home, my own blonde hair needs it!

In addition to this, all cool blondes want to be WARM. Environmental factors, porosity, poor after care - these all play a part in our colour fading and this is where Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner come into play. These are super important for any blonde to banish those unwanted brassy tones BUT with Provitamin B5 included! Finally, a silver shampoo that will moisturise!!!

We also have the new Silver Savior Foam Treatment. This will maintain the condition and health that we have built in to the first service but also neutralise any warmth too and all three products have Integrated Bond Fuser technology. This will keep those disulphide bonds charged up and strong so make sure your clients are leaving their appointment with these products in tow.

Q: What does creating beautiful blonde hair mean to you and your clients?

One of my most popular in-salon services is Blonding. It’s so hugely popular - whether it’s creating a soft warm Balayage or an ice white block colour. I pretty much colour blonde hair every day! But, because it’s such a huge service and it can take a lot of maintenance, it’s really important that we make sure we’re always colouring safely, and we’re not pushing the hair too far.

Our choices we make as colourists are so important. We need to make sure we’re choosing the right products for the hair type we’re working with, we need to make sure we’re recommending the appropriate after care for our clients and we need to make sure everything we’re doing during that service maintains the integrity of blondes and keeps it strong and resilient. I will only take a client as blonde as their hair will stay healthy and in good condition! Hair health comes before anything! So making sure that I’ve got the right products to use in the salon to be able to achieve that is the most important thing for me.

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