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Get to Know The Crown Pro Treatments

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About the Course

These products and solutions are an expression of a lifetime experience in the haircare business. The Crown offers a revolutionary in-salon smoothing procedure with zero toxic chemicals. Based on a molecular algorithm that has combined science and creativity, The Crown has produced this ground-breaking treatment collection for long-term results, while perfecting the hair's surface, texture, elasticity, and natural shine. DURATION OF SESSION This is a self study session, meaning you can look through the information as quickly or as slowly as you like! But, we estimate that the course will take around 30mins to complete. LEARNING STYLE This is an online course which includes sections to read, images, videos to watch and interactive elements for you to complete. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE COURSE? - What’s in the Products - Application Overview & Step-by-Step - Consultation Sheet - Good to Know & Customisation - Homecare Overview - FAQ's & Assessment - The Crown Marketing Plan & Downloads HOW DO I PREPARE? You don't need any materials to prepare for this session. Simply enroll and you'll have access to all the information you need to begin using and promoting The Crown Pro Treatments. CERTIFICATION On completion of the course, you will be awarded a 'Get to Know The Crown Pro Treatments' Digital Certificate!

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