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Multiple Dates Available | 10am - 4pm

Fed up of spending a lifetime drying your client’s hair?

Want to discover something revolutionary (& super smoooooooth)?

What Will
I Learn?

The science behind The Crown!

Live model demonstration.

Bring your own model and try for yourself!

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The extensive research that has been done on this product by our educators will give you top notch knowledge and you’ll leave knowing not only how to apply and carry out the treatment, but the how, why and the science behind The Crown.


Sometimes we get comfortable with salon life and it can become easy to do the same thing day in day out and become stagnant... The Crown is an amazing way to spice up your portfolio and bring excitement back into the salon!


Or is your current straightening system just not cutting it? Is it causing undesired results, not lasting that long or causing discomfort to the client as well as those carrying out the treatment (we don’t like burning eyes and steam in here!) 

What to expect?

The Science behind The Crown, Model Demonstration, the chance to try it out for yourself and of course, LUNCH (for you and your model)!

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Long-lasting hair repair and smoothing treatments. Preserving the hair's texture, elasticity & natural shine.


On completion of the day each attendee will be awarded a Smoothing Success Certificate.

Smoothing Success Certificate Frame Mockup.png

Product Promo included!


After successfully completing 'Smoothing Success with The Crown Pro' you will receive a credit on your account against the full value of your ticket to redeem against The Crown Litre Package!

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19 & 20 DeHavilland Road,
Skypark, Exeter, EX5 2FL

Join the PROStylists Education Team on one of
our courses at our home of creativity and education, Out of Salon Studios in Exeter!

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