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Monday 6th November 2023

Do occasion hair appointments make you want to run and hide in the staff room?

What Will
I Learn?


How to manage client expectations perfectly.

To wash or not to wash?! Hair Prep must haves...

Why make life difficult? All the tool overview to make curls easy!

Securing those pesky bobby pins (and hiding them!)


"I used to dread hair up! Proms, Weddings and Christmas parties just weren’t a vibe for my fingers and thumbs. However, I have grown to love its therapeutic nature and the joy on my clients face when they see what I’ve created (even if it isn’t exactly like the photo, they showed me!) Practice makes perfect so come and find your ‘Eureka’ moment with us!"


Sam Lowry, Technical Educator


If you ever feel like...

  •  “Dressing Hair” doesn’t come naturally to you as a stylist...

  • You have nightmares about burning clients’ ears or failing to hide that one cheeky bobby pin that sticks out in all the photos!

  • You’ll never be able to achieve your client’s expectations with “Hair up”... YOU NEED THIS COURSE!

What to expect?

1 Day Course from 10am – 2pm with lunch provided.

We will be providing a Mannequin head but you are welcome to bring a model if you'd prefer!

Image by No Revisions
Image by YingYi Dai

Ever find you curl one side of the hair better than the other?


On completion of the day each attendee will be awarded a Xmas Party Vibes Certificate.

Xmas Party Vibes Certificate Frame Mockup.png

19 & 20 DeHavilland Road,
Skypark, Exeter, EX5 2FL

Join the PROStylists Education Team on one of
our courses at our home of creativity and education, Out of Salon Studios in Exeter!

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