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Attended one of our in-person courses at Out of Salon?


See if you can find yourself by moving the polaroids below around. Once you've found your picture, click on it to save it and post to your socials using:

#prostylists #outofsalon 

Colour Prism 17.4.23
The Crown 24.4.23
Discover Keune Color 22.5.23
Gracefully Grey 23.1.23
Refresh, Refill! 12.6.23
The Crown 5.6.23
Technical Highlighting 27.2.23
Gracefully Grey 15.5.23
Flawless Blending 6.3.23
The Crown 14.2.23
The Crown 16_1_23
Perfect Foilyage 20.2.23
Let's Get Shifty 3.4.23
Beautiful Blondes 6.2.23
Braided Reverse Balayage 12.6.23
Editorial Bootcamp 20.3.23
Dove Palmer's The MethoD 31.1.23
Barber Essentials 3.4.23
Applied Artistry Day 1 26.6.23
Applied Artistry Day 1 27.6.23
The Crown 14.11.22
Beautiful Blondes 17.10.22
Perfect Foilyage 31.10.22
Flawless Blending 21.11.22
Barber Essentials 7.11.22
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