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Mon 26th-Tue 27th February 2024 | 10am-4pm

Are you ready to take your career up a notch? Want to be braver in your choices of colour and cutting?

What Will
I Learn?

  • Disconnection and Asymmetry

  • Advanced Layering

  • Colour Correction Strategies

  • Fast & Punchy services

  • Upselling Services 

  • Creating Stronger Shapes 

  • Personalising Haircuts 

  • Visual Hairdressing 

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Laid bare everything you need to know to move forward in your career.


If you feel like you want to accelerate to the next level in cutting and colouring, we have you covered with our expert guide... Thomas Hills. 


Thomas is an award-winning Hairdresser and he wants to share his passion with you! Laid bare everything you need to know to move forward in your career. He will divulge into secret tips and tricks to save time and make money. 


This course is for stylists with passion it doesn't matter what level you are we're here to support you and make you feel empowered! 


Starting with disconnection and asymmetry, explore disconnected haircuts and asymmetrical styles that are visually contrasting and uniquely shaped. Thomas will also take you through advanced layering and his personal tips and tricks to help you be commercial but precise. Then he will focus on advanced commercial hairdressing, emphasizing seamless blends and multidimensional effects using customised placement and much, much more!

What to expect?

Two day course running 10am – 4pm including lunch!


Thomas has over 30 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry. Having a strong passion from a very young age he has gone from strength to strength and is now awarding winning. His biggest achievement being Southern Hairdresser of the year twice and short-listed 8 years in a row. Thomas’s attention to detail when it comes to short cuts and colours has given him a massive client following, some of which have been with him for his whole career. Thomas finally opened his own salon and has now been a business owner over 20 years.


On completion of the day each attendee will be awarded a Tricks of the Trade Certificate.

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19 & 20 DeHavilland Road,
Skypark, Exeter, EX5 2FL

Join the PROStylists Education Team on one of
our courses at our home of creativity and education, Out of Salon Studios in Exeter!

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