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Monday 26th February 2024 | 10am-4pm

Does your heart skip a beat when a colour correction client sits in your chair?

What Will
I Learn?


How to manage client expectations perfectly to avoid awkward colour failure scenarios.

How to COLOUR CORRECT so that you know which shades can cover whatever colour disasters you’re given in your chair!

Realistic timings! What services take less time and which ones will leave you running behind!

All the facts to get your brain juices flowing, from underlying pigments we’re battling, all things Pre-Pig and the new damage free way to lift out those pesky fashion colours.


"No one learns colour correction overnight; I’ve been perfecting my skills and making all the mistakes so that you don’t have to! There is so much that can go wrong with colour correction, so let us take that worry away!"


Sam Lowry, Technical Educator


If you ever feel like...

  • You’ve lost your mojo when it comes to more challenging services and do anything to avoid it...

  • You have sleepless nights when any client books in with you for colour correction...

  • You have never grasped how to colour correct/neutralise, so rely on other stylists...

  • You need the confidence to deliver and charge for colour correction... YOU NEED THIS COURSE!

What to expect?

1 Day Course from 10am – 4pm with lunch provided.

Pre-Pig practical with extensions to take away.

Your very own bespoke ‘Look what you created’ swatch charts for the salon staff room.


Wouldn’t you love to stop praying to the hair gods?



On completion of the day each attendee will be awarded a Colour Correction Certificate.

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19 & 20 DeHavilland Road,
Skypark, Exeter, EX5 2FL

Join the PROStylists Education Team on one of
our courses at our home of creativity and education, Out of Salon Studios in Exeter!

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