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Customer Supply Agreement Education Vouchers

Terms of Use

These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern the use of the £100 Education Vouchers ("Vouchers") issued as part of the Customer Supply Agreement ("CSA") between the individual or entity ("CSA Holder") and PH Group UK Ltd. ("PH Group"). By utilising the Vouchers, the CSA Holder agrees to abide by these Terms.

1. Eligibility:

The Vouchers are exclusively allocated to the CSA Holder. The decision to utilise the Vouchers rests solely with the CSA Holder, who may choose to use them personally or extend their use to their employees. Each Voucher is associated with the same CODE, which must be entered during the course checkout process at to avail the £100 discount.

2. Applicable Courses:


The Vouchers may be redeemed for any course offered at Out of Salon Studios, Exeter, or House of Keune, London. They are expressly excluded from being used for in-salon sessions.

3. Monetary Value:


Each Voucher holds a value of £100. Only one Voucher can be applied per course registration. Should the cost of the chosen course exceed £100, the difference must be paid by the person booking the ticket. Conversely, no refund will be issued if the course fee is less than £100. The Vouchers are strictly intended for educational course fees and cannot be utilised for alternative purposes or exchanged for the cash value or products.

4. Expiry Date:


The Vouchers remain valid for a period of six months from the date of issuance. Although courses may be scheduled beyond this timeframe, the Vouchers must be redeemed within the stipulated six-month period. The expiry date will be clearly indicated on the physical Voucher provided to the CSA Holder. No replacements or redemptions will be honoured after the expiry date has lapsed.

5. Cancellation Policy:


Cancellation of an education placement must adhere to the terms outlined in the respective course booking policy. Such policies are equally applicable to the redemption of Vouchers.

6. Course Availability:


Allocation of spaces for desired courses cannot be guaranteed. CSA Holders are advised to secure bookings promptly to mitigate the risk of unavailability.

7. Lost Vouchers:


In the event of Voucher misplacement, CSA Holders are required to promptly notify PH Group for re-issuance of digital copies.

8. Alteration or Termination of CSA Contract:


PH Group UK Ltd. reserves the right to revoke all issued Vouchers in the event of any modification or termination of the CSA Contract.

9. Contact, Queries and Questions:

If you have any questions or need help booking your places please do not hesitate in contacting the PROStylists Education Team at

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